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How to Utilize Wix Loyalty Program for Business Growth

Integrating a loyalty program into a Wix website can be a game-changer for businesses looking to boost sales and build a community of repeat customers. Here's a guide on how to leverage Wix's Loyalty Program effectively:

1. Setting Up Your Loyalty Program:

  • Customization: Begin by customizing the name and points icon of your loyalty program to match your brand's identity. This step is crucial for brand recognition and customer engagement.

  • Earning Points: Decide how customers can earn points. This could include actions like making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, becoming a site member, booking a session, or RSVPing to an event. Tailor these actions to align with your business goals.

2. Creating Incentives:

  • Rewards: Offer exciting rewards that encourage repeat purchases. These could be discount coupons, free shipping, or special offers. Ensure the rewards are enticing enough to motivate customers to accumulate points.

  • Tiers: Consider adding tiers to your loyalty program (e.g., Basic, Silver, Gold). This adds a gamification element, encouraging customers to earn more points to reach higher tiers with better rewards.

3. Managing the Program:

  • Dashboard Management: Use the site's dashboard to manage your loyalty program. You can edit program details, add or remove ways to earn points, and manage reward claims.

  • Customer Interaction: View and manage the list of customers in your program. You can manually adjust point balances as a gesture of appreciation or for offline purchases.

4. Marketing Your Program:

  • Promotion: Actively promote your loyalty program on your website and through marketing channels. Highlight the benefits and how easy it is to earn and redeem points.

  • Engagement: Use automated emails to keep customers informed about their points and available rewards. Regular communication can increase engagement and program participation.

5. Customizing Loyalty Pages:

  • Brand Alignment: Edit the design and text of the Loyalty Program and My Rewards pages to ensure they align with your brand's message and goals. This enhances the user experience and maintains brand consistency.

6. Flexibility and Adaptation:

  • Program Adaptation: Be prepared to adapt your program based on customer feedback and participation trends. Flexibility is key to maintaining an effective loyalty program.

  • Pause/Resume Option: You have the flexibility to pause and resume your program as needed, allowing you to make necessary adjustments or align with specific marketing strategies.

Key Benefits:

  • Customer Retention: A well-structured loyalty program increases customer retention by rewarding repeat business.

  • Brand Advocacy: Satisfied members are more likely to become brand advocates, sharing their positive experiences and attracting new customers.

  • Data Insights: The program provides valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors, aiding in targeted marketing efforts.


Implementing a Wix Loyalty Program is a strategic move to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. By customizing the program to fit your brand and business objectives, you can create a dynamic and rewarding experience for your customers, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

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