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Revolutionize Your Aesthetic Practice with Innovative Referral Systems


Today, I want to share a vital insight with you:

9 out of 10 aesthetic practices fail within the first decade.


Because they're stuck in conventional methods, hoping for different results.

It's no longer enough to offer excellent customer service, a beautiful facility, and a broad range of services. These are great, but they don't guarantee consistent growth in a competitive market. What you need is a game-changer. A unique edge. You can't afford to be just another option.

The Solution: Private Label Mobile Rewards:

The world's most successful brands, regardless of their industry – Starbucks, Hilton, Sephora, Allergan, to name a few – all have one thing in common: Private Label Mobile Rewards. These programs are not just a trend; they're a necessity for competing in today's market. Why? Here's what the statistics show:

  • 95% improved guest experience and brand loyalty.

  • 93% reported positive year-over-year revenue growth.

  • 86% of customers now expect credible brands to have their own rewards program.

How RepeatMD Can Help:

At RepeatMD, we specialize in creating private-label mobile rewards programs tailored for the medical and aesthetic industry. Our team of Engineers, Data Scientists, and Consumer Psychology experts craft solutions that resonate with today's patients. Look at what our average client experiences:

  • 76% increase in patient visitation.

  • 21% increase in patient spend per visit.

  • 44% increase in referrals!

We believe your mission should be transforming patients' lives, not stressing over marketing. If you're ready to elevate your high-margin, cash-based services, visit and schedule a demo today. Embrace the future of aesthetic practice marketing with RepeatMD. Let us help you achieve the growth and success you deserve.

Remember, in a world where consumer expectations are ever-evolving, it's not just about meeting needs; it's about creating experiences. Experiences that foster loyalty, encourage referrals, and drive sustainable growth. With RepeatMD, you're not just another aesthetic practice; you're a trendsetter.

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